“If I can’t change the system,

I will change the right person.”

Mary Anne, IQ.Rock





Anomalist Production

Khairi Anwar

Khairi Anwar

Fimie Don, Megat Ad’li, Ranessa Theyakaraja, Shamnirul, Maza Ma’amor, Tharwa Karina, Aznie Azmi, Akmal Barber, Husnul Hadi, Safia Azman


Born and bred in rural FELDA, Azim, is an SPM student at SMK Seri Serting. Both parents are illiterate and only possess the knowledge and skills for rubber tapping as a means of survival. As kindness and understanding are in Azim’s nature, he helps his father tap rubber every morning. Azim has a love for reading and acquiring more knowledge however he can and because of it, he has a deep curiosity about the world outside FELDA. But without financial independence, it would only remain a dream.

What Azim and the rest of SMK Seri Serting didn’t know was that their lives were about to change. An old lady named Mary, a teacher known for teaching in only the elite schools her entire teaching career in the city would come waltzing into the grounds of SMK Seri Serting. Now, in her 50s, Mary decides it is time to make a difference knowing that English is one of the most failed subjects in these areas.

Despite her good intentions, the students at the school found her intolerable in the beginning mostly due to their different demographic and racial backgrounds. These students are going to sit for SPM at the end of the year and the clock is ticking for results to show from Mary but Mary can’t just teach them English when none of them understands the language at all. Through English, Mary tries to bond with her students by teaching them about life, tolerance, friendship, trust and sacrifice.

With all the complications, different stands on what is considered correct methods, different backgrounds and more complications in such a small village; will Mary alter the school’s faculty and students perspective on education? Will the students pass their SPM? Will Azim ever break out from FELDA to pursue something bigger?

This original bilingual play is written and directed by Khairi Anwar, and inspired by the life of producer, Azmi Hud and his life in Serting.


Based on the Premiere shows in April 2018

I think #IQRock may be my favourite show I've seen so far this year.
Rosheen Fatima
‘Heartfelt’ - #IQRock
I highly recommend this.
Redza Minhat
Actor, Writer
#IQRock was so fresh! Recommended. Check them out this weekend ada lagi 4 shows at DPAC.
Nik Amir Mustapha
Director, Writer
In the spirit of the season and to capture the succinctness of being earnest, I ask that you watch IQ.Rock. It will show you another Malaysia that is possible.
Adriana N. Manan

Production Details


17th until 19th August 2018


Damansara Performing Arts Centre (DPAC)


8:00pm (Fri, Sat & Sun)
2:30pm (Sat & Sun)

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